CSI 4*

Jérôme Guery & Jelly Belly van het Eikenhof Top €26,625 Prix Peugeot CSI 4* at Morocco Royal Tour in El Jadida

2018. MRT CSI 4 Jerome Guery & Jelly Belly vh Eikenhof R&B Presse Solenn Rispail.jpg

Belgium was the biggest winner for the second day in a row at the third leg of the Morocco Royal Tour, held during the Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida CSI 4*-W in Morocco. The major class of the day, a Table A against the clock, was a genuine run against the clock.

2018. MRT CSI 4 Jerome Guery & Jelly Belly vh Eikenhof R&B Presse Solenn Rispail 2.jpg

Jérôme Guery (BEL) & Jelly Belly van het Eikenhof

Jérôme Guéry (BEL) imposed his own rhythm with his performance in the beginning of the class, finishing in only 62.10 seconds, while he was riding his good Celvin. Here was not a single of the best riders of the world who managed to overcome his time… until the champion himself entered the arena with his second horse: Jelly Belly van het Eikenhof. With her, he registered a record time of 61.45 seconds and maintained his leading place until the end of the class.

2018. MRT CSI 4 Cel Jerome Guery & Jelly Belly vh Eikenhof R&B Presse Solenn Rispail.jpg

Jérôme Guery (BEL) aboard his third place mount Celvin during the awards ceremony

“I was not planning to be the fastest with Celvin, as he will run the Grand Prix Sunday. I wanted to ride this course forward and to take the options. He is naturally a fast horse, and, in my opinion, I did a better course with him because I was not looking for speed. With Jelly, the goal was clearly the victory. I followed my plan, even though I was already on the leading position when I enter the arena with her. With Jelly, I really felt to be a lot faster, even though the difference was extremely thin between my two horses. I am delighted of both my horses, the goal was achieved, and I hope the weekend will continue the way it started,” confesses the Belgian rider.

2018. MRT CSI 4  Marcel Marschall & Crystal 17 R&B Presse Solenn Rispail.jpg

Runners-up Marcel Marschall (GER) & Crystal 17

German rider Marcel Marshall, barely 27 years old, manage the extraordinary by catching up with Guéry, sneaking between his two record times. With Crystal 17, his 9-year-old bay mare with whom he had already been acclaimed winner multiple times during this Moroccan circuit, he finished in 62.03 seconds. With his second horse, Fenia van Klapscheut, he also took the fifth place of the ranking. Olympic rider Philippe Rozier (FRA)  was the third rider to be called for this awards ceremony. Riding his loyal Cristallo A LM, Rozier claimed fourth place in the 1.45m class.

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Source: Press release by Solenn Rispail / Agence R&B Presse for Morocco Royal Tour

Photos: © Agence R&B Presse / Solenn Rispail