CSI 5*

Dermott Lennon and Holger Wulschner Soar to Share Victory in ATCO Six-Bar Challenge CSI 5* at Spruce Meadows

2018. Spruce Meadows CSIO 5 ATCO 6-Bar

The ATCO Six-Bar is always a highlight of the Mercedes-Benz Evening of the Horse and it was no different last night during the Spruce Meadows ‘Masters’ in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The lights come on, and athletes compete down a line of fences in attempt to leave them all up. Each round, the fences get a little bigger, with the height of the final fence generally reaching well over the standard 1.60m.

Twelve horses started the fan favourte competition and the final fence of Round One stood at 1.50m. Only 7 of the starting 12 left all the fences up in Round One to proceed to Round Two where the final fence was to measure 1.85m. This height would knock out another 4 riders leaving only Eduardo Menezes (BRA), Holger Wulschner (GER) and Dermott Lennon (IRL) remaining to move into Round Three.

For Round Three the height of the final fence stood 1.90m. Menezes and his Olympic mount Quintol would had the a rail in Round Three, while Wulschner and Lennon jumped clear. Both riders would decide that it was enough for their young horses and they elected to tie for first place.

“This is such a great atmosphere” – Dermott Lennon (IRL) on the Mercedes-Benz Evening of the Horse

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Source: Press release from Spruce Meadows Media

Photo: © Spruce Meadows Media / Mike Sturk