Brian Moggre & MTM Vivre Le Reve Race Victorious in $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix at Equifest II

2018. Chicago Welcome Brian Moggre & MTM Vivre Le Reve

Lamplight Equestrian Center, Wayne, Illinois, USA. – August 2, 2018 – There was plenty of anticipation in the air as spectators gathered to watch the day’s most exciting event, the $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix, at the Lamplight Equestrian Center on Thursday. The field of competitors, including Olympians and many seasoned show jumpers, were ready to bring their best to class in the second week of Equifest. Ultimately, it was Brian Moggre  (USA) and Major Wager LLC’s MTM Vivre Le Reve who topped the leaderboard to take home the first place prize.

The afternoon’s grand prix course, designed by Leopoldo Palacias, proved challenging for the majority of the horse-and-athlete combinations, as only five out of the twenty-five entered made it through to the jump-off round. Charlie Jayne (USA), aboard Alex Jayne’s Tou La Moon, completed the quickest first round clear in 76.61 seconds. Moggre and MTM Vivre Le Reve had the second fastest first round time in just 76.62 seconds. Going into the jump-off against such stiff competition, Moggre knew he would need to be both careful and swift to clinch the win.

2018. Chicago Welcome Tracey Fenney and Igor Van De Heibo.jpg

Tracey Fenney (USA) & MTM Farm’s Igor van de Heibos

Wilhelm Genn (GER) and Van Gogh were first to go in the jump-off, crossing the finish line in a quick 39.762 seconds but knocking one rail. Jayne and Tou La Moon, as well as Douglas Boyd and the Sapphire Riding Academy’s Berkly III, also incurred faults, while Tracey Fenney (USA) entered the ring next for her chance to try for a clear round. Fenney and MTM Farm’s Igor Van De Heibos succeeded, clocking in at 42.183 seconds and securing the first double-clear.

The last to go in the jump-off, Moggre was determined to give his trainer and fellow competitor a run for her money as he re-entered the ring with MTM Vivre Le Reve. Remaining careful with an eye on the clock, they pulled out all the stops to finish in 38.603 seconds, the second double-clear of the class.

Moggre has been riding MTM Vivre Le Reve for two years, focusing on developing a strong foundation of trust and communication with the 9-year-old gelding during that time. The pair recently completed several CSI 2* and CSI 3* grand prix at the Tryon International Equestrian Center with great placings, and have shown no signs of slowing down since making their long-awaited trip to the Lamplight Equestrian Center. In the first week of Equifest, MTM Vivre Le Reve placed second in the $25,000 Grand Prix, behind Moggre’s other mount MTM Flutterby.

Fenney and Igor Van De Heibos were awarded second place honors for their double-clear effort, while Genn and Van Gogh received the third place ribbon.

2018. Chicago Welcome Cel Brian Moggre & MTM Vivre Le Reve.jpg

Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Vivre Le Reve

From the Winner’s Circle 
Brian Moggre – $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix winner

On MTM Vivre Le Reve:
“He is 9 years old and I have had him for about two years now. He’s my rock, the love of my life. He was second in last week’s $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix behind my other horse, MTM Flutterby. He’s really been stepping up. He did some of the 2* and 3* [grand prix] in Tryon and had great placings there. He’s on a roll!”

On Thursday’s class:
“For the first round, on both of my horses, I knew that if I just gave my best effort, they would step up to the plate and do their part. I really work hard as a rider to provide what is best for them and get them to jump clear. [MTM Vivre Le Reve] was amazing. In the jump-off, Tracy [Fenney], my trainer, and I were the two riders left, and there was not a clear round. She went in, she was quick and she was clear. I thought, ‘If I run, I might have a rail down, but if I don’t, I’m the winner.’ So I just went for it. It was make it or break it, but he was super and it turned out well for us! I’ll do the grand prix on Saturday and hopefully it goes well!”

On Lamplight:
“Lamplight is one of my favorite horse shows. It’s so home-y and beautiful, in my opinion, and my horses seem to enjoy it a lot. We actually weren’t able to come here last year due to junior hunter finals, but I’m really glad to be back. My horses seem to be happy as well. It’s always a pleasure!”

Source: Press Release by Emma Miller / Phelps Media Group for the Lamplight Equestrian Center

Results – $25,000 Welcome Grand Prix

Place / Horse / Rider / R1 Faults | Time / R2 Faults / Time

1. Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Vivre Le Reve – 0 / 76.62 / 0 / 38.603

2. Tracey Fenney (USA) & Igor Van De Heibos – 0 / 82.59 / 0 / 42.183

3. Wilhelm Genn (GER) & Van Gogh – 0 / 79.679 / 4 / 39.762

4. Douglas Boyd (USA) & Berkley III – 0 / 80.956 / 4 / 40.709

5. Charlie Jayne (USA) & Tou La Moon – 0 / 76.61 / 8 / 39.708

6. Stefanie Collier (USA) & Emma-Lee – 4 / 75.420

7. Brian Moggre (USA) & MTM Flutterby – 4 / 75.427

8. Nicole Bellissimo (USA) & Jersey V.D. Hunters – 4 / 77.876

9. Stephen Foran / Compis – 4 / 79.283

10. Tracey Fenney (USA) & MTM Apple – 4 / 79.489

Source: Press Release by Emma Miller / Phelps Media Group for the Lamplight Equestrian Center

Photos: © Emma Miller / Phelps Media Group