CSI 3*

On Fire! Lucy Deslauriers Earns Third Consecutive Victory at International Bromont CSI 3*

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Bromont, Quebec, Canada – August 2, 2018 – American rider Lucy Deslauriers (USA) has once again taken victory today at the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park with Kaspara in the FEI opening event in the second week of the International Bromont.

A Long and Demanding Course
Course designer Michel Vaillancourt offered a long and demanding course for this opening event: with 13 obstacles for 16 efforts, including a double and a triple combination, athletes had to be precise when approaching the obstacles.

The slalom course covered a long distance and forced the athletes to play on the amplitude of the stride while manoeuvring with skills all turns to for optimal impulsion and balance of the horse. Of the 35 rider-horse pairs registered, twelve qualified for the jump-off, including Lisa Carlsen (CAN), Julia Madigan (CAN), Susan Horn (CAN) and Mac Cone (CAN), Jennifer Kocher (USA), Leslie Howard (USA), Catherine Tyree (USA) and Lucy Deslauriers (USA), as well as Cormac Hanley (IRL), Fernando Martinez Sommer (MEX) and Maria Victoria Perez (PUR).

First out on the jump-off course, Catherine Tyree (USA) and Catungee clock-in the time to beat in the second round with a double clear in 37.68 seconds. Nobody seemed able to equal them. Cormac Hanley (IRL) with Copain Z tried to cut the distance going to the 15th obstacle and while getting a better time, a bar on the ground put them behind Lisa Carlsen (CAN) & Malbec, Julia Madigan (CAN) & Farfelu du Printemps and Mac Cone (IRL) & Zaia di San Giovanni

In It to Win It!
Last on the course with Kaspara, a Swedish half-blood mare, young rider Lucy Deslauriers (USA), 19 years-old and twice a winner last week at the International Bromont with her other mount Hester, fights for victory. Lucy Deslauriers shows how well she masters the sport and takes advantage of Kaspara’s (Hip Hop x Siden) qualities, a very fast and agile mare, executing a double clear round in a record time of 35.37 seconds, thus ensuring a third consecutive victory in the international events of the Bromont competitions.

FEI Assante Classic tomorrow
The International Bromont will continue its activities on Friday. The highlight event of the day on August 3 will be the FEI Assante Classic scheduled for 5 o’clock.

About International Bromont
International Bromont presents its 43rd edition in the picturesque setting of the Bromont Olympic Equestrian Park, at the heart of the beautiful region of the Eastern Townships. For more information on the schedule, visit our Web site at www.internationalbromont.org.

International Bromont would like to thank the Ministère de l’Éducation, de l’Enseignement supérieur, the Ministère du Tourisme du Québec and the town of Bromont for their support.

Results – International Bromont II FEI Open Welcome

1) Lucy Deslauriers (USA) & Kaspara 0-0, 35.37

2) Catherine Tyree (USA) & Catungee 0-0, 37.68

3) Lisa Carlsen (CAN) & Malbec 0-0, 39.07

4) 5) Julia Madigan (CAN) & Farfelu du Printemps 0-0, 40.13

5) Mac Cone (CAN) & Zaia di San Giovanni 0-0,42.50

6) Cormac Hanley (IRL) & Copain Z 0-4,37.35

7) Leslie Howard (USA) & Quadam 0-4,38.07

8) Fernando Martinez Sommer (MEX) & Cor Bakker 0-4, 38.39

9) Susan Horn (CAN) & KS Coradina 0-4, 39.63

10) Jennifer Kocher (USA) & Caruso 472 0-4, 41.65

11) Maria Victoria Perez (PUR) & Sweet Tricia 0-4, 42.00

12) Lisa Carlsen (CAN) & Parette 0-DNS

Source: Press Release by Alexandra Hill for International Bromont

Photo: © Tom von kap-Herr