CSI 4*

Carlos Ribas & Brilexo Speed to Energochemica Derby Cup CSI 4* at X-Bionic® Summer Tour

2018. Samorin CSI 4 Derby Carlos Ribas & Wilexo Fillippo Gabutti.jpg

Šamorín, Slovakia – July 28,2018 – Temperatures hovered near 30˚C (86˚F) yesterday during the X-BIONIC® Summer Tour, where Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas (BRA) beat the heat and a field of 25 combinations, riding to an impressive win in the €24,700 Energochemica Derby Cup CSI 4* on his own Brilexo.

Uliano Vezzani’s sprawling, 1.45m track required both bravery and stamina, a recipe that made for an exciting class, despite the afternoon’s sun and soaring temperatures. Aside from the casual rail, the first portion of the course offered little trouble to most of the field, though the remaining half, which incorporated a series of natural obstacles beginning with a figure eight of bank jumps, was a different story.

2018. Samorin CSI 4 Derby Carlos Ribas & Wilexo Fillippo Gabutti 3.jpg

Carlos Ribas (BRA) & Brilexo

For a number of riders, a closed dyke combination on the backside of the track proved insurmountable, resulting in several stops and eliminations. Those that met the challenge were forced to contend with a gallop home to the final two jumps: a large square oxer and upright vertical of natural panels on a corner, leading to more than one disappointing rail.

2018. Samorin CSI 4 Derby Carlos Ribas & Wilexo Fillippo Gabutti 2.jpg

Carlos Motta Ribas (BRA) & Brilexo

The 12-year-old KPWN gelding Brilexo (Phin Phin x Lux) was the second ride of the day for Mota Ribas, who earned 8 penalties with his first mount, Wilexo. With the course well in hand, the Brazilian rider wasted no time on Brilexo, making each turn count and charging through the dyke series to find two, flawless lines to the final jumps on course, stopping the clock at 133.06.

Second-place finisher Richard Howley (IRL), riding Cruising Star, took a commanding lead as one of the last riders to go with a time of 138.46—nearly seven seconds faster than third place rider Jamie Wingrove (GBR) on Bart VI (145.06). “[Cruising Star] is naturally a very fast horse. She’s Irish, I’m Irish, so we’re used to a bit of hunting,” Howley joked after his ride.

2018. Samorin CSI 4 Derby Moments Carlos Ribas & Wilexo Fillippo Gabutti.jpg

Carlos Motta Ribas (BRA) & Brilexo

This is an important win for Carlos Eduardo Mota Ribas and his longtime partner, Brilexo, who have been competing together since 2012. Last week, the pair finished sixth in the Prize Coca-Cola CSI 4* during the X-BIONIC® Summer Tour.

2018. Samorin CSI 4 Derby Cel Carlos Ribas & Wilexo Fillippo Gabutti

Carlos Mota Ribas (BRA) & Brilexo during the awards ceremony

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Source: Press Release by Sara Tanganelli for X-Bionic Summer Tour

Photos: © Filippo Gabutti