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Eric van der Vleuten & Wunschkind 19 Thrive in €25,000 Dachser Trophy CSI 4* at Casas Novas

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Dachser Eric van der Vleuten & Wunschkind 19 Oxersport

It was also a great day for Eric van der Vleuten (NED), who did not disappoint his fans in La Coruña. The rider proved his skills and claimed the victory in the €25,000 Dachser Trophy CSI 4*, riding Wunschkind 19, a horse that took him to victory with a time of 42.74 seconds. He had also earned second place in the previous class, the NH Collection Trophy CSI 4*.

Van der Vleuten (NED) can consider A Coruña and Casas Novas his second home, since the Galician fashion company Massimo Dutti, his sponsor, and his name is included in the list of winners at the equestrian center. His last triumph is very recent, as it was in the last winter edition, where he was awarded, precisely, with the Massimo Dutti Trophy.

The test began with the third series of the day, where Spanish and French were the majority; only Ismael García Roque (ESP) managed to complete the course without faults. As expected, in the following series were added more riders with no penalties who accompanied García Roque. This helped them to earn a place in the tiebreaker for the riders like Gerardo Menéndez Mieres (ESP), Eric van der Vleuten, Alexis Deroubaix (FRA), Gerco Schröder (NED) Alexandra Paillot (FRA).

The audience felt again something that they surely missed: the emotion of a tiebreaker in Casas Novas. And the six combinations that took part in it did not disappoint, because they made their best effort on the course.

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Dachser Eric van der Vleuten & Wunschkind 19 Oxersport 3

Eric van der Vleuten (NED) & Wunschkind 19

Ismael García Roque (ESP) competed on the back of Astoria Jo but he knocked down a fence and could not take the victory. The following was Alexis Deroubaix (FRA), who would remain in first place with Secret du Pays d’Auge and 43.29 seconds until Eric van der Vleuten (NED) appeared in the track riding Wunschkind 19 and no one was able to overcome his 42.74 seconds. The third spot on the podium was for the other Spanish of the race, Gerardo Menéndez Mieres (ESP), riding Costello DC with an excellent time of 43.33 seconds.

2018. Casas Novas CSI 4 Dachser Eric van der Vleuten & Wunschkind 19 Oxersport 2

Eric van der Vleuten (NED) & Wunschkind 19 during the awards ceremony

With 40 pairs and four series of bets plus the jump off, the Dachser Trophy CSI 4* was the perfect culmination for last Friday at the CSI, with the most awarded riders working their hearts out. There were refusals and horses that retired, which attests to the technical requirement of the course.

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Source: Press Release by Oxersport
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