CSI 4*

Brianne Goutal & Fineman Blaze to Victory in $35,000 Upperville Speed Stakes CSI 4*

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Upperville, Virginia, USA – June 7, 2018 – International competition at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show (UCHS), presented by St. Bride’s Farm, began on Thursday with the $35,000 Upperville Speed Stakes CSI 4*, sponsored by Valley Proteins, Inc. Fifty of the world’s top athletes put the pedal to the metal trying to score the winning prize, but Brianne Goutal-Marteau (USA) set an early pace that would prove unbeatable aboard Rose Hill Farm’s Fineman.

Olympian McLain Ward (USA) was first in the ring with Beechwood Stable LLC’s Upsilon De La Liniere and set the original time at 64.47 seconds with a clear round. One round later though Goutal-Marteau and Fineman were faultless over the fences and faster to take over the top on the leaderboard in a time of 62.69 seconds.

2018. Upperville CSI 4 Speed Stake Darragh Kerins & Silteplait de Circee PS Barre Dukes.jpg

Darragh Kerins (IRL) & Silteplait de Circee

Midway through the class, the second place position was taken over by Darragh Kerins (IRL) riding Silteplait de Circee, owned by Remarkable Farms LP. They left all of the rails intact and stopped the clock in 63.23 seconds.

2018. Upperville CSI 4 Speed Stake Catherine Tyree & Bokai PS Barre Dukes.jpg

Catherine Tyree (USA) & Enjoy Louis

Catherine Tyree (USA) came very close to catching Kerins just one round later with Joseph Tyree’s Bokai, clearing the course in 63.39 seconds. Just 1/10th of a second slower, Tyree took over third place, while Ward placed fourth and Goutal-Marteau’s effort with Fineman would remain at the top for the day’s victory.

Goutal-Marteau felt confident aboard Fineman, an experienced 14-year-old Swedish Warmblood who is quick across the ground and never wastes time in the air. Despite going early in the class, Goutal-Marteau took some risks and it paid off with the first international win of the 2018 Upperville Colt and Horse Show.

2018. Upperville CSI 4 Speed Stake Cel Brianne Goutal & Fineman PS Rebecca Walton.jpg

Brianne Goutal-Marteau (USA) & Fineman during the awards ceremony

From the Winner’s Circle
Brianne Goutal-Marteau – $35,000 Speed Stakes CSI 4*, sponsored by Valley Proteins, Inc., winner

On her plan for the class:
“That horse is a really confidence giving horse, so I never really worry about having to go early or late. You always feel like you have a good chance. My plan was just to go as if I was going late in the class. You don’t know who’s going to go, you don’t really know how fast the track can get, so you kind of have to just test the waters a little bit. It worked out today. Sometimes early on it doesn’t work out as well, but, like I said, he’s a bit of a weapon that horse. He’s like a competitive machine.”

On Fineman:
“He’s owned by my student, [Cloe] Hymowitz, and Cloe recently stopped riding so I have him now to campaign to sell. I’ve been riding him since the summertime when she left to study abroad.”

On Upperville:
“I think it’s nice to win anywhere, but when you come to a show where everything feels important, I think ribbons feel that much more special. This is one of those shows where you feel the historic atmosphere, you feel the history that’s happened before. There’s a lot of effort that goes into this place. In terms of amenities that are considered for horses, riders and spectators, it’s as high as it gets. The footing is amazing, the food is great and the stabling is great. They do their best, and I know there are a lot of horses and it gets busy, but everything is well organized. We can’t say enough good things about this show, and when it’s that nice of a show it makes winning that much nicer.”


$35,000 Speed Stakes CSI 4*, sponsored by Valley Proteins, Inc.

Place / Rider / Horse / Country / Faults | Time

1. Brianne Goutal-Marteau (USA) & Fineman / 0 | 62.69

2. Darragh Kerins (IRL) & Silteplait De Circee / 0 | 63.23

3. Catherine Tyree (USA) & Bokai / Catherine Tyree / 0 | 63.39

4. McLain Ward (USA) & Upsilon De La Liniere / 0 | 64.47

5. McKayla Langmeyer (USA) & Iliano Van D’abelendreef / 0 | 64.60

6. Erynn Ballard (CAN) & Catoki’s Son Z / 0 | 64.76

7. Kirby Webby (NZL) & Brando Du Rouet / 0 | 65.17

8. Peter Wylde (USA) & Cicero’s Electric / 0 | 65.19

9. Kevin Babington (IRL) & Shorapur / Kevin Babington / 0 | 65.33

10. Jonathan McCrea (USA) & Pewit Nono / Jonathan McCrea / 0 | 66.56

11. Nicholas Dello Joio (USA) & Columbcille De Reve / 0 | 67.23

12. Clementine Goutal (USA) & Darlon Van Groenhove / 0 | 68.58

Source: Press Release by Rebecca Walton / Phelps Sports for Upperville Colt & Horse Show

Photos: © Phelps Sports / Rebecca Walton / Barre Dukes