CSI 2*

Stephan Barcha & Chevaux Unforgettable Ride to a Clear Victory in Grand Prix of Curitiba CSI 2*-W


Stephan Barcha (BRA) & Chevaux Unforgettable won the Grand Prix CSI 2* W last Monday at the Sociedade Hípica Paranaense in Curitiba, Paraná Brasil.


Stephan Barcha (BRA) & Chevaux Unforgettable

The Brazilian and the 11-year-old grey Brazilian Sport Horse secured the victory in the 1.50m Longines FEI World Cup Qualifier by being the only combination with no rails down, registering only one time penalty in each of their two performances, stopping the timers in 65.89 seconds at the end of their second run.

2018. Curitiba CSI 2 GP José Roberto Reynoso & Anneline LC Ruas.jpg

José Roberto Reynoso Fernandez Filho

José Roberto Reynoso Fernandez Filho (BRA) & Anneline had one pole down in their first outing, still earning silver honors after improving to a clear in the second round.

2018. Curitiba CSI 2 GP Artemus de Almeida & LC Ruas

Artemus de Almeida (BRA) & Cassilero

Artemus de Almeida (BRA) & Cassilero rounded out the top three with the same score as the latter two, the only difference being their time of 55.06 secondS in round 2.

Full Results here.

Source: Press Release by CBH – Confederação Brasileira de Hipismo

Photos: © Luis Carlos Ruas @ LC Ruas – Fotografias