CSI 4*

Katrin Eckermann & Caleya Unstoppable in €30,750 LVM Insurance Prize CSI 4*

2018. Hagen CSI 4 LVM WR Katrin Eckermann & Caleya Stefan Lafrentz

It all came together perfectly this Saturday afternoon at Horses & Dreams meets the Royal Kingdom of Jordan: Sunshine, sport and great atmosphere. Spectator ranks were packed and a highly competitive field provided great excitement until the last round in the Prize of LVM Insurance, the qualification event for tomorrow’s Grand Prix. 14 combinations had qualified for the jump-off. The 2015 German National Champion Denis Nielsen sat in the hot seat for a long time, riding his top horse Cashmoaker DSP. But then Katrin Eckermann (GER) and her nine-year-old mare Caleya came along and shaved 2 seconds off his time.

The 27-year-old summed up her ride, “I’m riding the mare since March, but she’s no stranger to me. My father had her since she was four and trained her, and it is amazing to keep the win in the family.” The pair will go on to the Nations Cup event in Linz next.

Second place went to the winner of the 2017 DKB-Riders Tour, Markus Beerbaum, and his mount is a family horse too, the mare is owned by Beerbaum’s daughter Brianne. Beerbaum smiled, “She, Brianne, was pretty nervous today, but she kept her fingers crossed and was stoked with the win.” Whilst Eckermann and Beerbaum will ride different horses on Sunday in the Grand Prix of Deutsche Kreditbank AG, which is also the first event of the DKB-Riders Tour series, Nielsen will again rely on Cashmoaker DSP, “He’s super fit and fresh, and I believe we can attack again tomorrow.” The DKB-Riders Tour plays an important role in the competition schedule for all three riders.

Berthold Steghaus representing LVM Insurance, was highly content as well, “Horses & Dreams is not just the first event of the outdoor season for us,  but has top priority in all other aspects too. We receive so many glowing reviews from the clients we welcome here; they all love and enjoy the event.”

Tickets for Horses & Dreams meets the Royal Kingdom of Jordan are available online at  horses-and-dreams-ticketshop.reservix.de/events.

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Source: Press Release by Phoebe E. Rohn / PSI Sporthorses for PSI Events / Horses & Dreams / Hof Kasselman

Photo: © Stefan Lafrentz