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BCA Imposes Temporary Restraint on Global Champions Tour & Global Champions League Invitation System

2017. News Update BCA Temporary Restraint GCT & GCL Invitation System GCL SG

The Competition College of the Belgian Competition Authority (BCA) has imposed on 20 December 2017 interim measures on the organisers of the Global Champions Tour (GCT), the Global Champions League (GCL) and on the FEI in order to ensure that until the closing of the case on the merit at least 60% of the invitations for GCT events are sent to riders on the basis of their ranking in the official ranking of the FEI, and should not depend on the question whether riders are members of a paying team of the GCL.

A rider and a horse stable filed a complaint and requested interim measures regarding a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) concluded between the FEI, the GCT and the GCL which restricts the percentage of invitations to be sent for GCT events exclusively on the basis of their ranking from 60% to 30%.

They consider that this decrease illegally harms riders who are not members of a paying team of the GCL. The College considered prima facie that it is not unreasonable to think that this decrease might constitute an infringement on competition law. This decision is only concerned with the taking of interim measures. It does not prejudge the decision that may be taken after the closing of the investigation in respect of a possible infringement.

Source: Press Release by BCA – Belgian Competition Authority

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