CSI 3*

Simon Deleste & Gain Line Reign in the Salon du Morocco Royal Tour – Salon du Cheval d’El Jadida

CSI3 vendredi El Jadida © Jessica Rodrigues - Jumpfax-3

A great dose of temerity and maybe a bit of luck were required to win the Prix MAPM CSI3*-W at 1,45m. France Simon Delestre is a master in the matter, used to technical speed classes. This Friday, he proves once again his qualities as a champion dominating the class until the end. A great sign for the following days, focused on the Grand Prix of Sunday.

After the victories of Belgium Virginie Thonon and Morocco Hicham Chani in the CSI1* of the morning, Emanuele Gaudiano showed once again that he is dominating the Morocco Royal Tour 2017’s edition. The rider adds a 9th class to his lists by winning the Prix Peugeot, accumulator at 1,35m, with Jasper P D’15, already winner of the opening class of Thursday.

The day ended on a speed class imagined by course designer Uliano Vezzani. The courses got more technical over the weeks as the Italian required a perfect control of speed from the riders.

While in the warm up arena, under the lights of the great window of the Salon du Cheval of El Jadida, riders are talking about strategies and impossible options to go down the timer, the audience lives intensely each course one after the other. Only the most reckless dare to take the options suggested by the course designer and some realised the perfect round. That could be the reason why Simon Delestre sounded that surprised by his own victory «It’s only my fourth show with Gain Line, I still discover him ! We try to know each other better during our courses, he really did his best today and did an amazing round. Uliano designed a beautiful course, smooth and delicat, respectful for horses. » The French took the lead right from the middle of the course and never been worried by the others, each of them tried the impossible to reach the time reference of 61,48 seconds. With more than two seconds apart with the second Nadja Peter-Steiner keeps going on her great start since Tetouan, as her compratriot Alain Jufer who tooks the third place.

CSI3 vendredi El Jadida © Jessica Rodrigues - Jumpfax-7

Simon Delestre & Gain Line accompanied by Pedro Cebulka

Closing the Morocco Royal Tour after two intense weekends, El Jadida is of course waited for its high sporting stakes. The indoor step established kind of a proximity between the audience and riders, intensity of the competition can be feeled from the bench.

Riders from CSI1* will be the first to ride the course tomorrow at 10 am for a new day of sport punctuated by two CSI3* courses. In parallel with the competition, the public will have the opportunity to walk around the alleys of the Salon du Cheval of El Jadida where they will be able to discover the universe of the equestrian industry in Morocco.

Source: Press Release by Diane Prouhet for Agence R B Presse

Photos: © Morocco Royal Tour – Jessica Rodrigues