Live Streaming & Order-of-go in the $2,500,000 CP International Grand Prix CSIO 5* at Spruce Meadows

Calgary, Alberta, Canada – September 12, 2021 – It’s showtime for some of the best showjumpers in the world during the 2021 edition of the ‘Masters’ Tournament at Spruce Meadows. Grand Slam contender Max Kuhner (AUT) seeks to add the second jewel of the Rolex Grand Slam to his crown but the Austrian faces fierce competition from heavyweights of the sport. The showdown promises to be exciting since gladiators of the noble sport such as Steve Guerdat (SUI), Kent Farrington (USA), Beezie Madden (USA), Eric Lamaze (CAN), McLain Ward (USA) and Scott Brash (GBR) are all set to enter the beautiful International Ring there in pursuit of the lion’s share of the biggest individual purse in the sport this year.

A total of 31 combinations have been confirmed to face Leopoldo Palacios‘ (VEN) challeging course, with some obstacles even set at the maximum height of 1.70 meters. You can watch the action live, starting at 2:00 PM local time (1:00 PM EST New York Time). please refer to the link after the starting order for direct access to the live streaming feed. The order-of-go of riders & horses in the $2,500,000 CP International Grand Prix CSIO 5*, presented by Rolex, is the following:

1) Hilary Scott (AUS) & Oaks Milky Way

2) Hyde Moffatt (CAN) & Quintin

3) Nataly Leibovitz (ISR) & Verveine

4) Carlos Hank Guerreiro (MEX) & H5 Just the Music

5) Zoe Conter (BEL) & Davidoff de Lassus

6) Will Simpson (USA) & Chacco P

7) Brian Cournane (IRL) & Armik

8) Katie Laurie (AUS) & Django III

9) Rowan Willis (AUS) & Blue Movie

10) Daniel Pedraza Littlewood (MEX) & Santa Rosa Coldplay

11) Ben Asselin (CAN) & Luikan Q

12) Daniel Coyle (IRL) & Oak Grove’s Carlyle

13) Amy Millar (CAN) & Truman

14) Jordan Coyle (IRL) & Eristov

15) Kyle King (USA) & Magic Mike

16) Matthew Sampson (GBR) & Ebolensky

17) Natalie Dean (USA) & Cocolina

18) Eric Lamaze (CAN) & Dieu Merci van’t T&L

19) Ashlee Bond (ISR) & Donatello 141

20) Eduardo Menezes (BRA) & H5 Quintol

21) Tiffany Foster (CAN) & Northern Light

22) Mario Deslariers (CAN) & Bardolina 2

23) Erynn Ballard (CAN) & Gakhir

24) Conor Swail (IRL) & Koss van Heiste

25) Scott Brash (GBR) & Hello Vincent

26) Beezie Madden (USA) & Breitling LS

27) Nayel Nassar (EGY) & Darry Lou

28) Kent Farrington (USA) & Gazelle

29) Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Venard de Cerisy

30) McLain Ward (USA) & Kasper van het Hellehof

*Subject to changes due to withdrawals, lost shoe, etc…..

Source: Spruce Meadows

Text: Jumper News, no reproduction without permission

Photo: © Rolex Grand Slam / Ashley Neuhof