Riders & Horses for the Tryon Spring Series CSI 3* this Week

Mill Spring, North Carolina – June 08, 2021 – Temperatures are on the rise throughout the east coast and the last week of the Tryon Spring Series promises to be exciting once again. After her stellar win last Saturday in the $137,000 Cleghorn Gun Club Grand Prix CSI 3*, Ashlee Bond (ISR) is back in pursuit of more gold and glory. One of the favorites to represent Israel in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo, Bond will once again face a very talented field of international riders that includes the likes of Rowan Willis (AUS), Erynn Ballard (CAN), Conor Swail (IRL), Tracy Fenney (USA), Todd Minikus (USA) and Kristen VanderVeen (USA), all set to compete in the FEI-rated classes at Tryon International Equestrian Center & Resort.

The list of riders & horses for the CSI 3* classes there this week is the following:


1) Luis Pedro BirabenChacco Bumpy


2) Matt Williams – FR Yandoo Pennsylvania

3) Rowan Willis – Ekita Eindeken Z


4) Erynn Ballard – Ceitasi, Classic Penny, Gakhir 

5) Sam Walker – Coralissa, Hermelien vd Hooghoeve


6) Conor Swail – Vital Chance De La RoqueGamble

7) David O’Brien – Shadowfax 111


8) Ashlee Bond – LazyBoheme de Fleyres

9) Brittni Raflowitz – Hilton van de Breepoel

10) Nataly Leibovitz – Verveine


11) Daniel Pedraza Littlewood – Santa Rosa YaltaSanta Rosa Coldplay

12) Eugenio Garza Perez – ContagoCaracas


13) Aaron Vale – PrescottMr. IncredibleElusive, Major

14) Ali Leopold-Moreno – C.D.N, Ulysse Du BourbergF

15) Dorothy Douglas – MTM Chelsea 98, MTM Through The Looking Glass

16) Grant Seger – Dr. J, Cantucchini

17) Hunter Holloway – Pepita Con SpitaEastern Jam

18) Jessica Leto – Cimbura

19) Katherine StraussAll In

20) Kristen Vanderveen – Bull Run’s Divine Fortune, Bull Run’s Risen 

21) Natalie Dean – CocolinaChance Ste Hermelle, Maestro Vica v/d Ark

22) Nicolette Hirt – FleuretteChatou 7

23) Sloan Hopson – Dalida

24) Tracy FenneyMTM Reve du ParadisMTM Dolce VitaMTM Apple

25) Todd Minikus – Amex Z


26) Alejandro Karolyi – Venitienne TardonneLincourt Gino

Sources: FEI – Fédération Equestre International / TIEC – Tryon International Equestrian Center

  • The list is a compilation of the entries in the FEI system and the list supplied by the organizers of the event on their online system, therefore, it is subject to late entries and withdrawals.

Photo: © Yasmin White Photography