Riders & Horses for the Hits-on-the-Hudson CSI 2* at Saugerties

Saugerties, New York, USA  – May 27, 2021 – The 2021 season at Hits Saugerties is underway with the first of eight weeks of competition taking place this week. The bar has been raised this season as the venue hosts CSI 2*, CSI 4* and CSI 5* classes along with the traditional USEF-rated challenges throughout late spring, summer and fall series. The momentum is being built for a grand finale, the $500,000 Hits Saugerties Grand Prix CSI 5* next September. The first week of the Hits-on-the-Hudson already features FEI classes, with the list of riders & horses for these CSI 2* contests at the venue being the following:


1) Cassandra KahlePyrenes de Louzes


2) Mark BlumanLenzo 5Noortje Vd Windheuvel


3) Christian CoyleDekato

4) Jonathan Corrigan – Fair Play, Super Chilled

5) Kevin MealiffBilly Manjaro


6) Catherine KubiakSomersetLabelle Vd MiddelstedeHuntington

7) Christine McCreaJulieta

8) David RaposaThe General

9) Heather Caristo-WilliamsMarciano MVfMarie Vd Mespel Z

10) Jonathan McCrea – Gazelle ES, Superwoman Dk Z

11) Katia Manuel-AdamsErp Van Www.olland.biz

12) Laura ChapotChandon Blue

13) Maya Nayyar – Vertige du Vigneul

14) Michael MorrisseyS & L Exxon Hedonist

Sources: FEI – Fédération Equestre International / Show Management System

  • Subject to late entries and withdrawals

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Photo: © Hits Horse Shows / ESI Photography