Order-of-go & Link to Streaming Feed of the $50,000 Wanderers Club Grand Prix CSI 2*

Wellington, Florida, USA – April 04, 2021 – The time has come to say until next year to the 2021 edition of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF). Before the curtains go down on a circuit that has been a beacon of hope and dreams amidst a tragic year for humanity and even more so for the equestrian community, with the advent of outbreak of the Equine Herpes Virus (EHV-1) in Europe, there’s still time for one last FEI-level grand prix.

Rising stars of showjumping such as Jessica Mendoza (GBR), Grace Debney (GBR), Emily Ward (GBR), Nicole Walker (CAN), Daniel Rihan Jr. (MEX) are set to enter the International Arena to clash against the likes of Laura Chapot (USA), Ellen Whitaker (GBR), Amy Millar (CAN) and Jonathon Millar (CAN), just to name a few. To watch the action live online, starting at 10:20 (EST) local time, please refer to live streaming link below the starting order.

The order-of-go of riders & horses in the $50,000 Wanderers Club Grand Prix CSI 2* is the following:

1) Nora Gray (CAN) & Love

2) Ashley Fleischhacker (USA) & Davall VDL

3) Daniel Cyphert (USA) & Alma Z

4) Heather Caristo Williams (USA) & Marie VD Mespel Z

5) Juan Bolanos (ESA) & Cay Z

6) Matthew Boddy (GBR) & Balotelli 5

7) Emma Marlowe (USA) & Stylehaul

8) Joanna Wolffer (USA) & HH Earley

9) Taylor Harris (USA) & Crocus La Sillardiere

10) Grace Debney (GBR) & Boheme de La Roque

11) Simon McCarthy (IRL) & Gotcha

12) Daniel Michan (MEX) & Sonic Boom

13) Christian Coyle (IRL) & Dekato

14) Conor O’Regan (IRL) & Mendini DR

15) Dylan Daly (IRL) & Big Red Dog

16) Camilo Rueda Giraldo (COL) & Indus Van Het Keysereyck

17) Alejandro Karolyi (VEN) & Venitienne

18) Lindsay Douglas (USA) & Butterfly Tibri Z

19) Kevin Mealiff (IRL) & Tupac Van De Vrombaut Shoeve Z

20) Rebecca Conway (USA) & ConColeur

21) Hilary McNerney (USA) & Singuletto

22) David Oberkircher (USA) & Upper

23) Olivia Chowdry (USA) & Chuck Berry

24) Lexi Ray (CAN) & Evita

25) Luis Larrazabal (VEN) & Calle Quinn

26) Jennifer Waxman (USA) & Scato Van de Molenbrug Z

27) Antonia Pettersson Haggstrom (SWE) & Chaccatara

28) Sergio Nieto Del Rio (MEX) & Firely

29) Gavin Moylan (CAN) & Vanturo

30) Ashley Vogel (USA) & Zandora Z

31) Isabella Russekoff (USA) & Jumpy Van de Hermitage

32) Peter Lutz (USA) & Hollerno

33) Jacqueline Steffens (CAN) & Freaky Liefhebber

34) Jessica Mendoza (GBR) & Casanova 499

35) Stephen Moore (IRL) & Billy Dorito

36) Jonathon Millar (CAN) & Daveau

37) Tomas Yofre (ARG) & Cardora

38) Laura Chapot (USA) & Chandon Blue

39) Lacey Gilbertson (USA) & Bora Bora de La Roque

40) David Blake (IRL) & Dy Zento

41) Amy Millar (CAN) & Christiano

42) Daniel Rihan Jr (MEX) & Tentacion LS LA Silla

43) Emily Ward (GBR) & Millioninmind

44) Ellen Whitaker (GBR) & Madorado DW

45) Nicole Walker (CAN) Excellent B

*Subject to last minute changes due to withdrawals, lost shoe, etc…

Source: PBIEC – Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Photo: © Jumper News / JC Markun