Horse Auction Belgium’s Diamond Edition: Your Next Superstar to Shine!

Santiago Dwerse Hagen

Around 7 years ago we came together as a team, with a vision of creating an event where we could contribute our many years of experience in the equestrian business, to offer our clients the opportunity to find in one place top quality sport horses.

Today that dream is a very successful reality called Horse Auction Belgium. It has taken us into a wonderful journey where we have not only met amazing equestrians around the world, worked with great clients, but also have learned along the way that as a team we can always achieve whatever goals we set!

Shakey van de Brouwershoeve

Our latest online event, our Diamonds Collection, which took place from February 26 to the 1st of March, brought together 28,000 visitors from 150 countries and 6,000 unique visitors to the site on the last day of the auction!

Our next goal is already set! Our latest collection offers once again an amazing group of 2,3 and 4-year-old talented showjumpers.

We have a very diverse and very special group of horses that will fit into any ambitious equestrian team! A combination of top pedigrees, performance, blood and technique, and let’s not forget: Colors!

Alvin van de Cumul

From just a few sneak peeks into this collection we’ve gotten a lot of reactions about Alvin van de Cumul, a very talented 2018 gelding (Air Jordan Alpha Z x Denver), the perfect combination of color and quality.

It also worth mentioning Splendid van de Nachtegaele: his dam gave already three 1.50m horses, Editor van de Ark: his second dam is the dam of Clooney 51 (Martin Fuchs), Novel Tarpania: same damline as Grandorado TN, Atlantus AZ: he’s a halfbrother of Tyson AZ (Olympic Qualifier with Kenneth Cheng). In general, it is a collection filled with quality bloodlines, we also have some horses by Quabri de L’Isle, Emerald, Bisquet Balou, Casallo Z, just to name a few.

Layla van’t Bildeken Z

So take note and mark up your calendar March 29, until the 1st of April.

Source: Press release from Horse Auction Belgium

Photos: © Horse Auction Belgium

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