Order-of-go of Riders & Horses in the $75,000 Bainbridge Companies Grand Prix at PBIEC

Wellington, Florida, USA – January 10, 2021 – It’s time for the first major class of the 2021 Winter Equestrian Festival at the International Arena of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC). It might not be FEI-level contest, but the main attraction of the first week has attracted the participation of top riders such as McLain Ward (USA), Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA), Margie Engle (USA), Shane Sweetnam (IRL) and Tiffany Foster (CAN), just to name a few.

Erynn Ballard (CAN) has been on fire this week and is looking to put the icing on the cake with a grand prix win this Sunday. After winning the two most important classes this week so far, can she make it to the top of the podium again? Tune in to find out, starting at 2:00 PM local EST time. The order-of-go of riders & horses for today’s $75,000 Bainbridge Companies Grand Prix is the following:

1) Margie Engle (USA) & Aston des Etisses

2) Grace Debney (USA) & Zarina de Vidau

3) Katherine Dinan (USA) & Athos d’Elle

4) Natalie Dean (USA) & Cocolina

5) Shane Sweetnam (IRL) & Ideal

6) Tanner Korotkin (USA) & Deauville S

7) Adrienne Sternlicht (USA) & Cadans Z

8) Spencer Smith (USA) & Flairvorna

9) Austin Krawitt (USA) & Zazu

10) Jessica Leto (USA) & Cimbura

11) Jordan Coyle (IRL) & Bull Run’s Almighty

12) McLain Ward (USA) & Catoki

13) Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) & Calle 67

14) Tiffany Foster (CAN) & Hamilton

15) Alex Matz (USA) & Davidson

16) Ashley Fleischhaker (USA) & Durango VDL

17) Emily Ward (GBR) & Millioninmind

18) Georgina Bloomberg (USA) & Manhattan

19) Lillie Keenan (USA) & Cazaan

20) Nicholas Dello Joio (USA) & Gelvera

21) Philip McGuane (IRL) & Simba

22) Alonso Valdez Prado (PER) & Acuero

23) Ali Wolff (USA) & Footloose HX

24) Ashley Vogel (USA) & Bellissimo Z

25) Austin Krawitt (USA) & Sanjay

26) Erynn Ballard (CAN) & Kamilla D

27) Jordan Coyle (IRL) & Picador

28) Margie Engle (USA) & Cesna M

29) McLain Ward (USA) & Kasper van het Hellehof

30) Spencer Smith (USA) & Graf Compliment

Source: PBIEC – Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Photo: © Jumper News / Jeena Jah Photography