Sixth Youhorse.Auction: A Collection of Rough Diamonds

Anyone active in the horse segment knows that autumn is perhaps the best moment to acquire a rough diamond. The stables of the breeders are full and the youngsters are coming in and need shelter against the rainy days and cold winter in the Nederlands and Belgium.

Interesting horses appear on the market and that is when grabs its chance. Also late born foals are included in the sixth collection of this year. From 10 to 13 October they will be auctioned online. Alan Waldman and Mario Everse selected foals and youngsters ranging from 2-, 3- and 4-year-olds. Bred out of good damlines that raise expectations.

The online auction of the 18 foals ends on Monday-night 12 October. “A very interesting group of foals that were too young for the elite auctions in the Nederlands and Belgium. The breeders, of course, hope to see them back later in the sport or giving someone satisfaction in breeding”, say Alan Waldman and Mario Everse.

Rough diamonds can also certainly be found in the collection of 37 2- to 4-yr-old
showjumping horses, which auction finishes on Tuesday-night 13 October. “Most of them come straight out of the field, we had them do some free jumping and put them on video and photographs. Untrained horse they are, but that shows you their natural qualities. What you see is what you get. Our experience is that such horses rarely disappoint later at home! Some of them are saddle-broken, so there are also a few with which you can start working straight away.”

Remarkably almost all the auction horses come from proven sport lines. For example, the famous Roosakker damline is again represented and some dams even jumped at Grand Prix level themselves or already produced offspring active at Grand Prix level. The collection can be seen online on Bidding starts on Saturday 10 October at 12.00 hours.

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Source: Press release by Wendy Scholten for Youhorse.Auction

Photo/Banner: © Youhorse.Auction