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Riders & Horses for Tryon Spring Series

2020. Tryon Spring VI R&H Kristen Vanderveen & Bull Run's Almighty TIEC

Tryon, North Carolina, USA – June 02, 2020 – Showjumping is back and despite the turmoil caused by COVID-19 and social unrest, the United States is once again showing the way by hosting the first major national-level competition this week at the Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC) in Mill Spring, North Carolina, USA.

An international field of 27 riders from 8 countries are set to enter the ring for the main classes during the first week of the Tryon Spring Series, starting with the $25,000 Welcome Stake on Thursday and the main attraction, the $75,000 Grand Prix on Saturday.

The list of riders and horses for the main classes there are the following:

1) Rowan Willis – Diablo VII, Everse W & Zipiro

2) Daniel Bedoya – Abracadabra WKT

3) Andrea Torres Guerreiro – Andrea Torres Guerreiro

4) Hector Florentino – Carnaval

5) Darragh Kerins – Carlos JD Z, Delight M-G C de Leuze, Skara Glen’s Para Bellum,
6) David O’Brien – La Belle SCF
7) David Blake – Don’t Touch du Bois
8) Shane Sweetnam – Deleyn, Gerko, Indra van de Oude Heihoef

9) Santiago Lambre – Dingeman, Ibabco

10) Ali Leopoldo Moreno – Ulysse du Bourberg, Valentino du Soleil
11) Ashley Fleishhhacker – Davall VDL, Quadros 3
12) Brian Moggre – MTM Los Angeles, MTM Vivre Le Reve, Nikita Jolie
13) Charlie Jayne – Tou La Moon, Clair du Lune
14) Harold Chopping – Fantom
15) Jennifer Waxman – Quantum
16) John Angus – W. Tonix Hero
17) Jorge Ludgwig – Cricket, The Graduate
18) Kady Abrahamson – Boudika Ideal Home, Rye Val de Mai
19) Kelly Arani – Dior, Kecho du Sud
20) Kristen Vanderveen – Bull Run’s Almighty, Bull Run’s Divine Fortune, Bull Run’s Risen
21) Laura Gaither Ulrich – Garda
22) Melissa Blades – Contentin des Roques,
23) Samantha Wight – Crunch de Troteval Z, Dreamer des Bergeries
24) Tanner Korotkin – Country Boy, Deauville S
25) Todd Minikus – Amex Z, Calvalou, Juju VDM,

26) Juan Ortiz – Rissoa d’Ag Bois Margot
27) Luis Larrazabal – Fiesta V, Luminaria LS La Silla

Source: TIEC – Tryon International Equestrian Center

Photo: © TIEC