Andy Kocher Sport Horse Auctions Debuts May 13-16

2020. Auctions Andy Kocher Sport Horse Auctions Debuts

Andy Kocher Launches the First of its Kind Exclusively Online Sport Horse Auction in America at

In a time where the landscape of the equestrian industry has drastically changed due to the impact of COVID-19, Andy Kocher is getting creative.
Kocher, known as much for his large-scale sales operation as he is for his results in the ring, will launch his first online sport horse auction, May 13-16, 2020. The Andy Kocher Online Sport Horse Auction will be hosted at
Currently based out of Wellington, Florida, while competition is on hold, Kocher, among the World’s top 75 ranked riders, will offer eight sport horses, plus two, two-year live foal guarantee breeding contracts to his top breeding stallion Westminster VDL, for an exclusively online auction.
“I think it’s a new thing, and we’re not really doing it in America other than, from what I can tell, one company, and they’ve got a mixed bag: They sell Quarter Horses, racehorses, ponies, etc.,” Kocher said. “In Europe, you have very specific show jumping stables selling show jumpers online, and it’s working.”
2020. Auctions Andy Kocher Sport Horse Auctions Debuts 2
Kocher’s lot of horses will feature equine athletes of varying ages and competitive backgrounds, all of whom are currently in Wellington. From high performance prospects to proven competitors at all levels of the sport, the horses offered in Andy Kocher Sport Horse Auctions have been hand-selected for success, with quality and variety in mind to meet the needs of a wide variety of buyers.
Each available horse will have conformation and jumping photographs; a jumping video; and current X-rays available to bidders for viewing. Private trials can be arranged by appointment only.
“[Respected international horse dealer] Paul Schockemöhle recently told the Danish publication St. Georg that the only thing still returning profits for him were his online auctions,” Kocher said. “I’ve bought many horses off of those auctions, and I like them, because they give you the x-rays, so you can have your vet look at them and make your own judgment off them, and you might get a deal. I think we’re a little behind the times [with online auctions in America], and I want to change that.”
With three bases in the U.S. overseen by himself, his brother Michael Kocher, and Tom Foley, Andy Kocher hopes to ultimately launch online auctions at each of his team’s locations and expand the venture to include his young stock, including foals, yearlings, and 2- and 3-year-olds. He believes the venture could add a new dimension to American horse sales, and with the current global climate, the focus is on providing value. There will be no additional costs involved, no tacked-on fees for auction lots, and no lofty deposits required from bidders and buyers.
“I think somebody could get a really good deal,” Kocher said. “I want to promote someone being able to get a good deal through it, so I’m going to sell the horse, even if I’m taking a loss. I want someone to say, ‘I got this amazing deal through this auction.’”
Each sold horse in the auction will be outfitted with a new halter from Huntley Equestrian, while Rider’s Boutique will award a $100 gift card to each new owner. Additionally, Kocher is donating a portion of auction proceeds to the Show Jumping Relief Fund, which benefits the many individuals in the competitive equestrian industry affected by the horse show closures due to COVID-19.
To view the Andy Kocher Showjumpers Online Sport Horse Auction catalogue and register to bid, visit For more information on the available horses, contact Deana Schenkel at (585) 362-7996.
Source: Press release from Catie Staszak Media for Andy Kocker Sport Horse Auctions
Photo: © Corryn Schenkel