After Successful Year, Switzerland Announces Squad Members for Olympic Year!

2019. News Swiss Squad Announced for 2020 FEI Lukasz Kowalski

October 29, 2019 – After obtaining the ticket for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games thanks to the 4th place of the team at the  2018 World Equestrian Games at Tryon  (USA), the Swiss showjumping riders were able to tackle the challenges of 2019 with confidence. And the season started with a flourish with the double Swiss win of Steve Guerdat (SUI) and Martin Fuchs (SUI) in the FEI Jumping World Cup™ final in Gothenburg, Sweden. And what about the historic title of European champion won by Martin Fuchs (SUI) and his Clooney in August 2019 in Rotterdam!

In the Prix des Nations series, the Swiss team took the lead in its qualifying group thanks to a victory in La Baule (FRA) and a third place in St. Gallen, which saw the double victory Steve Guerdat and Arthur Gustavo da Silva (SUI) in the Grand Prix. Finally, the world rankings of jump jumpers is clearly dominated by Swiss: since January 2019, it is led by Steve Guerdat (SUI) while Martin Fuchs (SUI) has been ranked 2nd since September.

For the year 2020, the Jumping Selection Committee of the Swiss Federation of Equestrian Sports FSSE composed the Elite Team with, in focus and highlight of the new season, the Tokyo Olympics. In addition, the riders will try to maintain their place in the top league and finally win a new FEI Jumping Nations Cup home in St. Gallen.

The selection of the members of the elite team is based on very clear performance criteria that emerge from an analysis of sporting achievements over the last twelve months. In addition to the FEI World Ranking, the Swiss Championships, the Cup Final with the corresponding qualifications as well as other criteria have been taken into consideration. The members of the executive must have the potential to be among the best in the world, a very important aspect to ensure the success of the team.

The 2020 framework is composed of 24 elite riders and riders as well as 4 hopefuls. The hopes are young riders out of the frame Hope, and admitted in the framework elite for a maximum of two years on a trial basis. In mid-November, team leader Andy Kistler will convene the new executive and the flagship team for a day of executives to best prepare for the upcoming season focused on the Olympic Games. The program of the first semester promises to be very busy with the FEI Nations Cups and the selection for Tokyo which will have to be done in June already knowing that after mid-July, the horses will have to undergo about forty days before they can to fly to Japan on July 25, 2020. Jumping competitions will take place from August 4 to 9, 2020.

The lists below include all the riders and riders selected for the 2020, subject to the signing of the management agreement.

2020 Swiss Showjumping Squad Riders

Alain Jufer

Audrey Geiser

Aurelia Loser

Annina Züger

Anthony Bourquard

Arthur Gustavo da Silva

Barbara Schnieper

Beat Mändli

Bryan Balsiger

Edwin Smits

Elian Baumann

Jane Richard Philipps

Janika Sprunger

Marc Röthlisberger

Martin Fuchs

Nadja Peter Steiner

Niklaus Rutschi

Paul Estermann

Pius Schwizer

Roland Grimm

Romain Duguet

Steve Guerdat

Werner Muff

Yannick Jorand

Source: News release (translated) from the Swiss Federation of Equestrian Sports / Fédération Suisse des Sports Equestres

Photo: © FEI / Lukasz Kowalski