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Belgian Team Announced for Longines FEI European Championships in Rotterdam

2019. European Ch Rotterdam CSIO 5 Niels Bruynseels & Delux van T&L FEI Lucas  Kowalski.jpg

Brussels, Belgium – August 02, 2019 – The Belgian Equestrian Federation (FRBSE / KBRSF) has announced their selection of team members to defend the country in upcoming Longines FEI Jumping European Championships in Rotterdam.

The chosen riders and horses are the following:

Niels Bruynseels (BEL) & Delux from T&L

Pieter Devos (BEL) & – Claire Z

Jos Verlooy (BEL) & Igor

Gregory Wathelet (BEL) & MJT Nevados

Jérôme Guery (BEL) & Quel Homme de Hus (fifth combination)

Additionally, they have also named two other combinations that can substitute any of combinations above in case of any injury or other misfortune.

Olivier Philippaerts (BEL) & H&M Extra (first reserve)

Yves Vanderhasselt (BEL) & Jeunesse (second reserve)

The 2019 Longines FEI European Championships will take place from August 19th to the 25th in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Source: FRBSE / KBRSF – Belgian Equestrian Federation

Photos: © FEI Photos

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