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Riders & Horses for X-Bionic® Summer Tour CSI 4*/2* at X-Bionic Equestor® Sphere

2019. X-Bionic CSI 4 R&H Tiffany Foster XBES

Šamorín, Slovakia – July 24, 2019 – The second week of competition at the 2019 X-Bionic® Summer Tour is about to begin at X-Bionic® Sphere in Šamorín, Slovakia. The competition promises to be fierce judging by the line-up of top riders and horses confirmed for the CSI 4* classes this week.

It included the likes of Top-20 rider Darragh Kenny (IRL), Tiffany Foster (CAN), and top-ranked Slovakian rider Bronislav Chudyba (SVK), Edwin Smits (SUI), Lucas Porter (USA) among many others.

Open to more than 70 riders, the weekly CSI 4* division will host six ranking classes. On Sundays, each event culminates with an exciting, €93.300 Grand Prix CSI 4*, presented by Energochemica. The X-Bionic® Summer Tour will take place across four rings at X-Bionic® Sphere’s renowned equestrian facilities, which include 680 FEI-compliant permanent boxes, eight oversized arenas (3 grass arenas, 2 indoor arenas, 3 sand arenas), and a galloping track.

For more information on the 2019 X-Bionic® Summer Tour, visit the links below, or you can view the fullrider’s list here.

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Source: Press release by Nico Villanti / Denis Monticolo Events for X-Bionic Equestor Sphere

Photos: © X-Bionic Equestor Sphere

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