Order-of-Go for Team Combinations at Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of France CSIO 5*

2019. La Baule CSIO 5 FEI NC Order-of-Go Nicolas Delmotte & Ilex VP PSV J. Morel

La Baule, France – May 17, 2019 – The 2019 Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of France CSIO 5* is just hours away from starting. The order-of-go for the 8 nations participating in the contest had already been determined after a drawing last Thursday.

The order-of-go for the teams is the following:

1) Ireland
2) Canada
3) Germany
4) France
5) Belgium
6) Great Britain
7) Brazil
8) Switzerland

As always, strategy  might determine the outcome of the competition. The starting order of team riders and their horses going up against each is also a factor too, putting more or less pressure on their following teammates according the score after their performance. The competition consists of two rounds by each nation’s four combinations (scores 1 to 4). The worst score from each round is dropped and the nation with the lowest number of penalty-points is declared the winner. In case of a tie, each team chooses one of their four combinations to represent them in a jump-off when the winner is determined.

The order-of-go for the combinations is the following:


1) Shane Sweetnam (IRL) & Indra van de Oude Heihoef

2) Kara Chad (CAN) & Carona 

3) Simone Blum (GER) & DSP Alice 

4) Nicolas Delmotte (FRA) & Ilex VP 

5) Nicola Philippaerts (BEL) & H&M Chilli Willi 

6) William Funnel (GBR) & Billy Buckingham 

7) Marlon Zanotelli (BRA) & Sirene de La Motte 

8) Niklaus Rutschi (SUI) & Cardano CH


1) Paul O’Shea (IRL) & Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu 

2) Tim Wilks (CAN) & Knock Out van’T Paradijs 

3) Philipp Weishaupt (GER) & Che Fantastica

4) Thierry Rozier (FRA) & Venezia d’Ecaussinness

5) Niels Bruynseels (BEL) & Utamaro d’Ecaussines

6) Harry Charles (GBR) & Lordanos Junior

7) Eduardo Menezes (BRA) & H5 Quintol

8) Bryan Balsiger (SUI) & Clouzot de Lassus


1) Darragh Kenny (IRL) & Balou du Reventon

2) Tiffany Foster (CAN) & Figor

3) Sven Schlusselburg (GER) & Bud Spencer 7

4) Pénélope Leprevost (FRA) & Vancouver de Lanlore

5) Pieter Devos (BEL) & Claire Z

6) Amy Inglis (GBR) & Wishes

7) Pedro Junqueira Muylaert (BRA) & C’Est Dorijke

8) Paul Estermann (SUI) & Lord Pepsi


1) Cian O’Connor (IRL) & Irenice Horta

2) Eric Lamaze (CAN) & Coco Bongo

3) Maurice Tebbel (GER) & Don Diarado

4) Alexis Deroubaix (FRA) & Timon d’Aure

5) Gregory Wathelet (BEL) & MJT Nevado S

6) Holly Smith (GBR) & Hearts Destiny

7) Pedro Veniss (BRA) & Quabri de L’Isle

8) Steve Guerdat (SUI) & Bianca

Longines FEI Jumping Nations Cup™ of France:
– Live TV in France: beIN Sports
– Live streaming : labaule-cheval.comfei.tv and www.clipmyhorse.tv
– French and International TV: Highlights available on EBU (Eurovision) and on a server
Source: Longines Timing
Photo: © PSV / J. Morel

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