Countdown towards the Unforgettable Jumping International de Bordeaux CSI 5*-W

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The story goes on: the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup is truly the core of a non-ending evolution of the Jumping International de Bordeaux, mixing tradition, sport excellence and equestrian technologies with the “Salon du Cheval”. Equestrian arts are never forgotten in Bordeaux, once again magnified during one of the greatest equestrian shows. This year, three prestigious academies, Jerez, Lisbon and Saumur, joined by the Hasta Luego troupe will meet around a common theme: Iberian horses. Sport, exhibition and show: three essential ingredients making the Jumping International de Bordeaux an unavoidable event, from February 7th to 10th.

The Best of Equestrian Sports
High level sport will always be the DNA of the Jumping International de Bordeaux, home of the emblematic leg of the Longines FEI Jumping World Cup circuit, the last one in Europe before the final. Since 1978, this class offers each year a show full of emotion thanks to world best riders, all very loyal to this event. In 41 years, they built a prize list which could itself sum up the history of world show jumping. The Bordeaux leg of the World Cup circuit has always been a priority for top riders: it is one of the main goals of the indoor season and represents a strategic part in the run for the final (in Göteborg, Sweden, from April 3rd to 7th).
Back in 2019, the Jumping International de Bordeaux will also be the opportunity to witness incredible and diverse high-level sports with the return of the very popular FEI World Cup Driving final as well as the Devoucoux Indoor Derby, two competitions attracting world best drivers and eventing riders in Bordeaux. During four days, the arena will be filled by both professional and amateurs (Championnat Antarès) riders. The youngest will be able to shine during the Super As Poney Elite by Equithème pony classes and for the 7 and 8 years old stallions with the Bordeaux Young Sires Masters.

The “Salon du Cheval” – A Horse Exhibition for All
The “Salon du Cheval de Bordeaux” grows each year a bit more and displays this year 16% more space. An extended exhibition mixing new technologies related to horse riding and animal welfare, traditional saddlery (however using more and more technologies) and also fashion and lifestyles products. During this four-days exhibition, the large and enthusiast audience will discover a whole set of equestrian disciplines. More than thirty animations are planned on the two arenas of the fair, where the crowd will assist to pony games, vaulting, and equifeel demonstrations, among many others. All horse lovers, professional or amateur riders, owners and specialists from all areas will be able to exchange with experts during the new “Forum Santé Equine”.
Another highlight of the show: the “Salon des Étalons de Sports de Bordeaux”. On Friday 8 and Saturday 9, breeders from South West, as well as from the rest of France, will meet the best French studfarms. They will have the opportunity to assist to sport stallions’ presentations who make the reputation of French breeding and of those prestigious institutions, but also choose their future crossing on a real inventory.

Equestrian Show – An Iberian Night
With an instinctive bouncing pace, an almost natural passage, a charismatic presence in the arena, Iberian horses, whether they are Lusitanian or Pura raza español, are the most used breeds in equestrian show. They can be found in the greatest show stables, in Bartabas’s, at the Versailles Academy, in the Great Stables of the Chantilly Domain (the equestrian troupe enchanted the Bordeaux crowd two years ago with ‘Métamorphoses’), under the saddle of many artists, Hasta Luego, Alizée Froment, Frédéric Pignon, Mario Lurashi or even within the Cadre Noir of Saumur. This year, on Thursday night, the Iberian horse will be the star of a show called Nuit Ibérique (Iberian Night), bringing together two of the greatest equestrian academies who magnify him the best: the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art of Jerez (already seducing the audience four years ago) and the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art of Lisbon. This breath-taking production will be joined by the Iberian horses of the Cadre Noir of Saumur and the Hasta Luego troupe. A unique meeting between three traditional school of equestrian arts and a family of artists.

Sport, exhibition and show… Three good reasons to visit the Jumping International de Bordeaux and to stay for at least four days!

Source: Press release from Agence R&B Presse for Jumping International Bordeaux

Photos: © Agence R&B Presse / Solenn Rispail