Live Streaming

Live Streaming

2018. Equita Lyon CSI 5 Live Streaming Equita Lyon

A week of many tricks and treats is just starting around the world and we are not talking about Halloween.

There are several top horse shows which will offer many treats to attendees and online spectators as top showjumpers showcase all the “tricks they have up their reins” on rings around the world in pursuit of “green goodies” and glory.

Riders and horses will be wearing their fancy equestrian costumes in both the traditional Equita Longines – Le Salon du Cheval de Lyon CSI 5*-W and The National Horse Show CSI 4*-W in Lexington, Kentucky.

Please refer to the list below for a complete list of all FEI-level events being broadcast online this week with links to live streaming feed for each one of them.

1) Equita Longines – Le Salon du Cheval de Lyon CSI 5*-W

2) National Horse Show CSI 4*-W

3) Jumping de Liège CSI 4*

4) La Silla CSI 3*
5) Agravis Cup – Oldenburg CSI 3*

6) Vilamoura Champions Tour CSI 2*

7) Mediterranean Equestrian Tour CSI 2*

8) Sevilla Horse Tour CSI 2*

9) Riders Cup CSI 2*

Photo: © Equita Lyon