Preview: Longines China Tour – The Beijing Leg at the Foot of the Great Wall of China

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From Septembre 14 to 16, the Longines China Tour of Beijng will be held at the foot of the Great Wall, on the historical Ju Yong Guan Site. For the first time in history, a top equestrian sport event will take place in front of this historical place of the Chinese culture. Ju Yong Guan, where the venue is located, used to be the north gateway from Beijing to the grasslands, and is considered to be the starting point of the ancient silk road. 

The China Tour, organized by CEID, is hosted by the Chinese Equestrian Association and accredited by the International Equestrian Federation as a three-star show jumping event. During this three-day event, athletes from China and abroad will compete for great honor and prize money with 1.4 million RMB (the equivalent of €182,000). Together they will provide the equestrian enthusiasts a world-class equestrian visual feast.

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Ju Yong Guan Site

The Longines China Tour was founded in 2013. Being the only “China” named national-level equestrian event, the influence of the Chinese Equestrian Tour is expanding. The leading riders can win FEI Ranking points and CEID League points, and gain the opportunity to showcase their talent on the world stage.

In the past five years, the Longines China Equestrian Tour has been progressively upgraded. It has not only become a favorite event of the top Chinese riders, but has also attracted many high-level international riders. It has continuously increased the intensity and excitement of the event, attracting the attention of more and more equestrian enthusiasts. In 2017, the number of participants rached more than 3,000 pairs and the spectators were never fewer than 50,000.

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The program of the China Tour is fully renewed, as the leg changed its Beijing venue to world class one. A small, a medium and a big tour are on the program of the competition: the Challengers Stake (1,00-1,15m), the Elites Stake (1,20-1,30m), the Champions Stake (1,30-1,30m) 1.40m). A six-bar contest will be held on Saturday night, and spectators will enjoy the Longines Grand Prix at 1.50m on Sunday, as well as the Jump & Drive class. China’s best riders will be attending the show, just like French, German, Dutch, Italian, Irish… whether young riders or more experienced!

If the Beijing stage of the competition attracts the best riders, there will also be many things to discover this weekend. Around the competition track, an exhibiting village divided into different parts will offer entertainment, a Brand Area, including a Longines Boutique at its entrance, a children’s park, a space for partners and many more…

As the sole organizer of this event, Jessica Zhang, general manager of CEID, a member of Fosun Group, emphasizes that the mission of CEID is to continuously push Chinese Equestrianism to become more prosperous. Challenge, Elegance, Inspiring and Dynamic are the characteristics of its competitions. CEID welcomes more spectators to come to the venue to enjoy the exciting competitions and experience the spirit of equestrian sport.

In January 2018, Fosun became the majority shareholder of CEID and officially entered the horse-back sports industry. Fosun is rooted in China and is focused on the needs of families, aiming to create a strategy of providing “healthy, happy and wealthy services”. Promoting equestrian sports demonstrate Fosun’s focus on the industry.

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CEID Europe League in Europe

In August 2018, with the support of Fosun, the CEID Europe League events were held in the Netherlands and Belgium. Twenty Chinese riders, including Olympic national team riders appeared in the European arena,which opened a new chapter in the history of Chinese equestrianism.

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On September 14th, with the Longines China Equestrian Tour and for the first time “hand in hand” with Ju Yong Guan, the athletes and horses from afar will return to the ancient road and the ancient horse culture will re-emerge with new charm. At the foot of the Great Wall, the sporting experience of elegant life style, the wonderful interpretation of the chivalric spirit and the conversation between history and modern culture will all be staged as scheduled.

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Source: Press release by Solenn Rispail / Agence R&B Presse for Longines China Tour

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