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Nation Riders & Horses for $150,000 Nations Cup CSIO 4* at Winter Equestrian Festival

2018. WEF CSIO 4 It's On Rodrigo Lambre & Velini Nuno Coelho Vicente

One most exciting classes during the twelve weeks of the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) is set to take place tonight as the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center (PBIEC) hosts the $150,000 Nations Cup CSIO 4*, presented by US Trust Bank of America / Merril Lynch, starting at 07:00 EST New York time.

Rodrigo Lambre (BRA) is one the rising stars in the sport and the Brazilian is back for more success, having earned the right and honor to defend his nation.  After a brilliant career mainly competing in Mexico, his lastest feats  include a third-place finish in the $265,000 Longines Grand Prix CSI 5* aboard Velini in Ocala, a win this week in the $25,000 ProElite Jumper Classic during WEF and several top placings this season in Florida.

There will be tough competition for the Brazilians as the home nation, Canada, Ireland and Great Britain are also among the favorites to be on the podium. The list of riders and their top horses for each participant nation is the following:


ARGENTINA – Chef d’Equipe: Vitor Teixeira

Luis Biraben (ARG) & Colorado 210
Gustavo Prato (ARG) & Carna Z
Stefano Baruzzo (ARG) & Copa Cabana
Fabian Sejanes (ARG) & C Amalia Z

BRAZIL – Chef d’Equipe: Pedro Lacerda

Fabio Leivas da Costa (BRA) & Tosca de L’Esques
Rodrigo Lambre (BRA) & Velini
Francisco José Mesquita Musa (BRA) & Catch Me Império Egípcio
Yuri Mansur (BRA) & Inferno

CANADA – Chef d’Equipe: Mark Laskin

Ian Millar (CAN) & Dixson
Jonathon Millar (CAN) & Daveau
Erynn Ballard (CAN) & Catoki’s Son
Ben Asselin (CAN) & Cool Feeling

CHILE – Chef d’Equipe: Joaquin Larrain

Jorge Matte Capdevila (CHI) & Toy Boy
Alexander Imschenetzky (CHI) & Salto Por Salto Centina
Rodrigo Carrasco (CHI) & Acapulco FZ
Nicolas Imschenetzky (CHI) & Jeckle

GREAT BRITAIN – Chef d’Equipe: Di Lampard

Emily Moffitt (GBR) & Hilfiger van de Olmenhoeve
Emily Mason (GBR) & Explosion W
Ben Maher (GBR) & Tic Tac
Amanda Derbyshire (GBR) & Luibanta BH

IRELAND – Chef d’Equipe: Michael Blake

Shane Sweetnam (IRL) & Indra van de Oude Heihoef
Paul O’Shea (IRL) & Skara Glen’s Machu Picchu
Cian O’Connor (IRL) & Clenur
Denis Lynch (IRL) & RMF Cadeau de Muze

MEXICO – Chef d’Equipe: Stanny Van Paeschen

Eugenio Garza Perez (MEX) & Armani SLZ
Nicolas Pizarro (MEX) & Ares
Andres Azcarraga (MEX) & Contendros 2
Mario Onate (MEX) & Quartz de la Lande

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA – Chef d’Equipe: Robert Ridland

Catherine Tyree (USA) & Bokai
Lillie Keenan (USA) & Fibonacci 17
Beezie Madden (USA) & Breitling LS
Adrienne Sternlicht (USA) & Cristalline

VENEZUELA – Chef d’Equipe: Stefan Wirth

Alejandro Karolyi (VEN) & Lincourt Gino
Juan Hidalgo (VEN) & Triomphe Platiere
Juan Ortiz (VEN) & My Pleasure
Daniela Stransky (VEN) & HH Donnatella

Order-of-Go: http://pbiec.coth.com/classsignup/ViewSetOrder/cgid/125357

Source: PBIEC – Palm Beach International Equestrian Center

Photo: © Nuno Coelho Vicente